Global Hack for Education Objectives

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#TDGi Global Hack Objectives

As long as you match the context of each objective please feel free to expand, build on and innovate each objective.

Minimum of one objective to be completed – but teams can opt to choose one or more objectives.

  1. A parent communication portal which allows the ability to
    1. view grades,
    2. communicate with the teacher,
    3. Request and schedule conferences/meetings (phone and onsite)
  2. Gamification app to encourage and inspire children to learn and master a new skill. Select one or more areas i.e language, maths, science, social skills. Example:
    1. An app to graphically display the results of a quadratic equation in chart form.  e.g. 3x Cubed – 2x squared +4x – 20. 
  3. Solution to help improve literacy rate. Examples:
    1. An app to track reading progress
    2. An app to improve ability to speed read (hint: Brian Dang did something impressive around this)
    3. An app to assist learning of words and pronunciation
    4. An app that able to translate an article into different languages
    5. An app to gamify reading
    6. An app to allow literature students to pull out quotes and record them.  Potential to gamify the result and share quotes between themselves.
  4. Solution to create a safe and supportive environment in school. Examples:
    1. An app that monitors and reports on any form of bullying around or in the school
    2. An app to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering school grounds
    3. An app to track students that may need further support due to special needs, issues in the family etc.
    4. An app to register visitors entering the premises, purpose, time from/to?
    5. An app that allows a student to relate, monitor and track their emotions ( )
  5. Solution to track students’ and educators’ attendance. Examples:
    1. An app that potentially linked to a flow to notify parents where the student is not in school on a given day. School attendance rates are the most important guide to student success.
    2. An app that integrates with IOT to track attendance – ie parents would have to opt in?
    3. An app that tells teachers which students will not be in lessons on a given day.  Some schools get a list of ALL students which can be painful especially in the summer, and then have to work it out for themselves as to whether they are in or not.
  6. Solution to enable sharing of ideas and collaboration between students to
    1. Collaborate on work
    2. Post events
    3. share initiatives
  7. Solution to enable engage special needs children (i.e autism, communication challenges, visually impaired etc) to elevate their learning. Examples:
    1. An app to help children learn to complete daily routines and understand their feelings
    2. An app to help children to tell a story or learn using pictures. Visualization is one day to help autism children thrive in classrooms
    3. An app that uses Azure Cognitive Services and AI to engage with special needs children
  8. An app to help teachers planning with the ability to:
    1. Plan their lessons
    2. Perform their planning collaboratively
  9. Solution to track and monitor students’ performance. Examples:
    1. An app that provides ability for teachers to record “Student of the lesson”, or house points with the potential to then look at the student of the week etc.
    2. An app to record student results with a power bi report detailing the results for a given student over a period of time versus their target grade.
      Typically schools look at Grade, Target Grade and Effort.
  10. An app that allows drama students to learn their lines.
  11. An app to facilitate “pen pals” ( )

Remember community resources are on hand including our very own PowerPlatform Bank: